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Koh-Larn >a well Known Coral Island at Pattaya

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Ta-waen Beach

Koh Larn or Larn Island > Larn in Thai ” ล้าน ” mean ” a Million ” , a 4.7 SQkms with the population of approximately 3,000 people and locate just about 7.5 kms off Pattaya Beach.

Nice Island , not far from Bangkok which tourists can relax at the beaches , or go for snorkeling to see the Coral Reefs at small satellite ‘s Beaches.

Besides, each beach on Koh Larn also contain small coral reef area, just a 100 – 300 meters off .

Pier at Koh Larn. There are 2 piers

  1. Tawean pier . just at Tawean main Beach , from here also tourist can rent Motorcycle or Hire and take Son-Taew Bus to go to other beaches.
  2. NaBaan pier, here is the Village. If you want to find a places , resort , villas , houses, boutique hotel to stay then just take a Ferry to this pier after that you can rent Motorcycle , Public Bus to see around.

To reach Koh Larn . There are 2 ways .

  1. Speed boat , take from Balihai pier, Private rental speed boat or joined speed boat > 10 people/boat , cost about between 200 – 300 THB / person. / one way
  2. Ferry boat , take from Balihai Pier , cost 30 THB / one way / people

Interested Activities

  1. Diving & Snorkeling / Day Time
  2. Shooting / Day Time
  3. Fishing / Day & Night Time
  4. Squid Fishing / at Night Time

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