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Elephants have played a vital role in Thai culture for centuries, being deemed as sacred and revered symbols of power, intelligence, and strength. Elephants have been the backbone of agricultural activities such as logging, transportation, and plowing. They have also been a staple in cultural events, from religious festivals, ceremonies, and even battles. Elephants have...
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Roti-Sai-Mai, house factory
Roti Sai Mai is a popular Thai dessert that consists of a soft, little elastic roti (a type of thin, soft elastic sheetbread). served with Sai Mai, which is a type of colorful and sweet shredded candy. The combination of the soft, sticky roti and the sweet Sai Mai creates a delightful contrast in textures...
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Luang Por Kantharatch at Wat Na Phra Men
Planning a trip to Ayutthaya can be exciting as it offers a rich historical and cultural experience. To make the most of your visit and ensure you enjoy the Ayutthaya tour, consider the following tips:
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Ayutthaya Historical Park
The Kingdom of Ayutthaya lasted 417 years. During this period, diplomatic relationships with many countries in Europe were established, as well as embassies. A lot of trade and business was done. Missionaries were allowed to enter the country and preach their religion freely.
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