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Street Foods

sticky rice in bamboo cylinder
Kao-Larm >ข้าวหลาม< Sticky Rice in Bamboo Cylinder Is an ancient Know-How of Cooking in Thailand. Typically the original ingredients are sticky rice + Coconut Milk + Salt + black bean…
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Coconut-Rice Pancake
Khanom Krok is a traditional Thai Dessert ( Snack ) was well-known since Ayutthaya period. It main ingredients are Rice flour , sugar, and coconut milk .
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Fried Tofu
Fried Tofu l local High Protein snack, very good taste l eaten together with local special recipe sweet Sause or added Chilli l Typically, always see it in Soup
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Pathong-Go Snack
Chinese Bread Stick Doughnut , in Thai " Pa - Tong - Go " ปาท่องโก๋ . originated from China and become local snack in Thailand. It is made of Wheat Flour.
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