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Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Private Trips Around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide

The Golden Buddha Statue (Phra Sukhothai Trai-mit)

Golden Buddha
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The Golden Buddha Statue
(Phra Sukhothai Trai-mit)

This Sukhothai-style golden Buddha statue is kept in the main building of Wat Trai Mitr. But, originally, the Golden Buddha was ordered to be built since the first established-Sukhothai Kingdom (1238–1448AD) , It is supposed that the golden Buddha was built by the third king, King Ramkhamhaeng the Great. who also established the Thai alphabet by adapting it from Khmer and Indian ‘Sansakrit’ language. Initially, the golden Buddha statue was completely coated with about an inch of thick cement, but the outsider didn’t know since then.

In the Bangkok-Rattanakosin period, when King Rama I ruled Bangkok (1782-1809AD), he ordered a thousand of Buddha statues from the old Sukhothai Kingdom and many old Temples from northern Thailand that were left untouched, transport to Bankok is mainly through the river; and supposedly, including the Golden Buddha, which was still coated with cement, cause of the heavy weight of the Buddha (but nobody realized that there is a golden Buddha hidden inside cement). then it was first installed at the riverside temple, named “Chotikaram”. Later, until the reign of King Rama IX,

The Golden Buddha was revealed
for the first time since the mid-1200s.

The Chotikaram Temple was abolished, and the Buddha had to be transferred for the new temple, Wat Trimitr is the choice—as a normal Buddha statue made of brick and cement – the buddha was transported to Wat Traimitr. During the transport, a piece of cement was broken off, revealing its golden surface.  It was discovered that the whole statue is made of 5.5 tons of pure solid gold and stands 3.9 meters high.  Also, the golden Buddha statue can be separated into nine parts.

Since 2010, the Golden Buddha has been moved from the old small building to the new majestic grand Mondop-style building.

The Golden Buddha Temple or Wat Trimitr is located in China Town. The Temple open daily from 08.30am until 17.00pm. A ticket is available at the counter.

Regulations of Dress when visit the Temple

Do not wear

  • Shorts
  • Tight Pants
  • Torn Pants
  • Mini-Skirt
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Sleeping Cloths
  • Sport Wears

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