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LongneckKaren @Hilltribe Village
Apart from the STV and the modified 60 day Tourist Visa, and a few other options – all involving quarantine and a lot of red-tape for now – there’s not much good news on the horizon for people wishing to get back to Thailand right now. The minister’s outlook wipes out any hope of any tourism resurgence for the 2020/2021 high season. at least until march next year, at the...
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Coconut-Rice Pancake
Coconut-Rice Pancakes is a traditional Thai Dessert ( Snack ) was well-known since Ayutthaya period. It main ingredients are Rice flour , sugar, and coconut milk . After mixed , are cooked in a hot indented flying Pan   But for the present day, they adapt the top of Khanom Khrok to become more diverse. Such as corn top, taro top, and shrimย top. To try it ! they are available in local Market ,...
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Fried Tofu
Here is a local Snack , eaten together with local special recipe sweet Sause or added Chilli , even typically we always see it in Soup. High Protein snack, very good taste , but to taste it might be not all area are available. But when you have a Chance to buy , Let’s taste it !! Here , I bought it at Klung district in Chantaburi province.
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Chinese Bread Stick Doughnut , in Thai ” Pa – Tong – Go ” ปาท่องโก๋ . originated from China and become local snack in Thailand. It is made of Wheat Flour , and stick it together in pair before throw in boiling Oil to fry. Price is quite cheap compare to other snack that can be eaten & match well with hot Drink at the morning such as hot Coffee...
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Mariar Church
The Catholic community of Chantaburi originated from the Catholic Vietnames who migrated from Vietnam and settle down here in 1700AD. The first Catheral was built in 1711AD but at another Site. . The present Catheral ” the Catheral of Immaculate conception ” was built in 1905AD with elaborated decoration inside and double 50 meter high Dome. It is one of the biggest and the most beautiful Catholic Church in Thailand.
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